NYC Subway Shooting Victim Sues Gun Manufacturer Glock, Inc.

A victim of the New York City subway shooting is suing Glock, the manufacturer of the gun used in the attack, claiming her injuries were a result of the company’s marketing tactics. 

Ilene Steur is one of the ten victims shot by Frank James when he opened fire on a subway train in Brooklyn on April 12th. 

According to prosecutors, James used a Glock 17 pistol, which he legally purchased at an Ohio pawn shop in 2011, BizPacReview reports

Attorneys for Steur filed the lawsuit this week, arguing that Glock, Inc. is directly responsible for the attack and the injuries. 

The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer’s business practices and activities constitute a “public nuisance” to the state of New York. 

The filing maintains that Glock’s advertising tactics place an emphasis on their guns’ “high capacity and ease of concealment, that appeal to prospective purchasers with criminal intent, including but not limited to through advertisement, product placement in movies and rap music.” 

The lawsuit claims that Glocks are “unsuited to personal defense or recreation,” and that the gun “enables an individual in possession of the weapon to inflict unparalleled civilian carnage.” It also claims that Glock manufactures and sells “more firearms than legal purchasers can buy” with the intent of creating and supporting a lucrative secondary market that criminals can use to purchase weapons.

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