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All firearms are shipped via FedEx Two Day Air.

Once shipped, you will receive an email that your firearm has been shipped with the tracking number. For security and privacy purposes, only you will receive that email.

You may contact the FFL dealer to alert them that your firearm is on the way, but they are likely used to getting these kinds of shipments. Your shipment will include your contact information for their use.

You may want to wait a couple of days after you receive the shipping email so you can confirm delivery and schedule a pick up time as well.


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When you placed your order, and it was approved, you were assigned a “place in line” for that particular firearm. The speed of which we can ship you that firearm depends solely on when the manufacturers deliver them to us.

Currently, we do not get any information as to which models of firearms are being produced by the manufacturers. Again, while we do get firearm shipments on a daily basis, we don’t know which of the thousands of firearms we have on order, or how many, will be in that shipment until we open the manifest. Sometimes we get in 50, sometimes 150, but again, we only know a shipment is coming ... not which ones are being shipped.

We simply can’t, with any degree of accuracy, tell you when the firearm you ordered will be delivered to us and, subsequently, to your designated FFL.


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Yes, we are happy to do so. We will pick the nearest FFL dealer to your zip code that accepts firearm transfers, but we cannot “shop” your FFL for you. The fees FFL dealers charge to handle the transfer can run from a few dollars to over $100.

For this, and various other reasons, it is to your benefit to find an appropriate <strong>Federal Firearms License</strong> dealer, aka <strong>FFL</strong> dealer.

If you do decide to let us pick one for you, we will email you as to which FFL dealer in your area we have chosen before the gun is shipped.


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If you decided on an FFL dealer after you placed your order, you can email us the information at:sales@onlineglockstore.com. Please include your order number as well as the name, address, email address, and phone number of the FFL dealer.

onlineglockstore.com is <strong>ONLY</strong> used to send FFL information to our gun shipping department. While you will get an acknowledgement of your submission, we cannot answer any questions about your order from this email address.


Because we do not know how long it will take to receive your firearm, we will not usually contact your FFL for their information until your firearm is ready to ship. An FFL does expire, and we have to be sure the selected dealer’s FFL is valid before we ship the firearm.

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Of course. You can always cancel your order before it ships. But unless you specifically requested to be billed prior to shipping, there will be no refund due to you, since we did not actually bill you.

When you placed your order, your credit card company was electronically notified that we <strong>MIGHT</strong> be billing you for the firearm. This is a preliminary step that all online merchants take, and it shows up on your Credit Card statement as <strong>Pending</strong> or as a <strong>Hold</strong>, depending on your particular bank.

Because we do not have the firearm in stock, and we do not actually bill you for it, this <strong>Pending</strong> transaction will expire, and any funds your bank has held in anticipation of the billing are released back into your account. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days ... again, depending on your particular bank.

Although we don’t have much control over this process, it does assure that only people financially able to purchase a firearm can actually place an order and get in the queue with you for that particular model.

If this did not occur, given the current state of gun sales, the current queue you are in would  have many hundreds of additional orders, populated with people who may not be able to actually purchase the firearm.

This would significantly delay the time it takes to process and ship <strong>YOUR</strong> firearm.


If your credit card is denied when we bill you for the firearm, we will immediately contact you ... first by email and then by phone to resolve any issues.

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With the current sporadic state of firearms sales, that may well be the case. Especially if you happen to be in your local gun store the moment they get in a shipment.

But because you lose your place in the queue as soon as you cancel, and you cannot regain it once cancelled, we always suggest that you wait until you are sure you will, or have already received the firearm, before you cancel your order with us.


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Because we <strong>DID NOT</strong> actually bill you for your firearm, the first indication you will get that your firearm has been received, and being processed for shipment, is when we <strong>DO</strong> bill your credit card.

Once you notice that, it indicates your firearm has been received, the serial number has been assigned to your account, and that we are processing your order.

The actual shipping, once received, can take anywhere from a couple of days to about a week ... depending on a variety of factors. The most common delay is getting the proper information from your designated FFL dealer, or finding one for you if you choose that option.


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